Ch Brilyn Misty Shadow at Carostar
06.10.1992 - 01.03.2007
I didn't have the chance to get to know him during his young and successful years.
But later I had often the honour to meet the Grand Old Misty. The way he controlled
his pride with over fourteen years ( however helped by his leftenant " Nash " )
And when I came to visit him it was always with a fear of maybe not seeing him again.
But all he wanted was some caresses from me befor the other to be happy.
One day as I came Misty stopped barking and all notified that I belonged to the pride.
This was a great sign of confidence. Thank you Misty ......
You were well-known in your breed, but mainly you were a faithful friend. Only dogfriends will understand what it means. Thank you for your wonderful
grandchildren that you let me. I will always keep you in my mind .....
Ch Xotic Lover of Slatestone
" Nash "
Vanilla Ice of Slatestone
with eight years
Queens Councel of Slatestone
Fullsister to German Champion Quincey Jones of Slatestone
Unchain my Heart of Slatestone
Fullsister to International Champion
Unlimited Dreams of Slatestone
Ch Ridings Deep in my Heart
" Purdy "
" Purdy "
Fullsister to International Champion Video Star of Slatestone