Ch Xotic Lover of Slatestone
Vanilla Ice of Slatestone
Ch Ridings
Deep in my Heart
Unchain my Heart
of Slatestone
Ch Brilyn Misty Shadow
at Carostar
Queens Councel
of Slatestone
Timeless Twilight Fame or Fortune
Ridings Red Riding Hood
Ch Brilyn Misty Shadow at Carostar
Ch Romantic Dream of Slatestone
Ch Mirpet Matt Bianco
Ch Brilyn Painted Lady
Pelido Kings Councel
Badencourt Daydream
Ch Believe in Love
of Slatestone
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Designed to Love
Emryks Look Again
Emryks a Gift of Love
Lynway Stay Cool
Emryks Pixie's in Love
Emryks Lot's of Love to Aaronwell
Emryks Pixie's in Love
Bogart of
Lowlands Green Valley
Vanies d'O
of Lowlands Green Valley
Amalie by Design
Pepperstone Piccolino
Rayon de Soleil de Vaillancourt
Timeless Twilight Fame or Fortune
Venetian Charme of Slatestone
Amalie Design with Love
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Rydeen Because I Love You
Francy pictured with twelf weeks
DOB 28th-10-2008, CEA, PRA, KAT clear with eight weeks, MDR-/-, HD-A

   what a lucky surprise ... with only nine months Francy won her first CAC-J out of 10 entrants
1 BOS, 1 CAC, 3 RCAC, 1 CAC-J, 1 RCAC-J
" Francy "