Our big thank you for your confidence !!!
We wish you and our favorites much luck and all the best for the future !!
Rydeen Amber and Gold
Rydeen Against theWind
Mr. and Mrs. Biagini, San Remo, Italy
Rydeen As Tears Go By
Mr and Mrs Fricke, Rosegarden Collies, Peine
Mrs van Dijk, Milton Falls Collies, NL
Rydeen As Time Goes By
" Luca "
Mr and Mrs Hild, Fresena Collies, Aurich, Germany
Ch Brown Sugar of Slatestone x Ch Amor Amor of Lowlands Green Valley, DOB 07th-02-2008 ! All puppies CEA, KAT, PRA clear with eight weeks !
Rydeen Amber and Gold
Rydeen As Tears Go By ( Bharati )
Exc 1, Best Junior, 13.04.2009,
CACIB Frèjus, France
Exc 1, CAC-J, 22.03.2009 CAC Bad Fallingbostel, Exc 2, CAC-J res, 22.05.2009 Oldenburg, Exc 2, CAC-J res, 24.05.2009 Oldenburg
Rydeen Against the Wind
" Milo "
Mrs van Dijk, Milton Falls Collies, NL
Children of Milo
Rydeen All That Love
Rydeen All You Need Is Love
Mrs. Dr. Nobis, Hildesheim, Germany
Mrs. Bucka, Hamburg, Germany
Some children of Luca !!
Rydeen Another Hero
Mr Fanigliulo, GreyStell Collies Germany
Show Results
1 Exc CAC Magdeburg 31.05.2009 CAC Judge Jimmy Tait ( Aberthorne )
Hero had his unbelievable sucsses and won the intermediate class put of 18 entrans, a big thankyou for Günther and Isa for best handling !

1 Exc CACIB, CAC Oldenburg 24.05.2009 CACIB Judge Heike Bilsheim ( Rotmaintal )
A wonderful sucess, with only 15 months he won his first CACIB ... we are very proud of our Hero !!!
CEA, PRA, Kat clear, HD-A
Mrs Rosalba Biagini,
Sanremo, Italy